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Let’s go! 2015

Build your creatives

Madyourself is a full-featured solution to build
Rich-Media HTML5 Advertising, from the Brief to Broadcast

Easily create your ad

Madyourself offers a wide range of features, making creative building simpler and more productive.

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Desktop

...with no code to write.

Yes! No code!

My List of Ads

Find your creatives wherever you are.
Select among type, format, size or OS.

With your entire Creatives Library in the cloud, you can work from anywhere using Madyourself familiar Interface.

Upload and compress your material

Upload your files, images or videos*, from your computer and immediately start working in your private, secured Workspace.

Image Files
  • JPG
  • PNG
Video Files
  • MP4
  • MOV
  • AVI
and more...
* png, jpg, mp4, avi, mov, mpeg,

Use the Workspace to build your Creatives

Animate your assets with the ‘animation toolbox’ and you can implement specific exit points and custom tracking elements to your creative (Adservers / Google Analytics...).
  • Creative Properties
  • Layers
  • Upload assets
  • In-device preview
  • Informations
  • Zoom
  • Play animation
  • Toggles rules
  • Toggle fullscreen
  • Preview your ad
  • Export your ad
  • Many Module

Apply Interactive Actions and Transitions.

Any Element can be attached to events or transistions.

Time is not a concern for you

Get An overview of your animation with the included timeline.
  • Play your Animation
    You can see your creative animation live
  • Fast Preview
    Test simple animation or complex interaction
  • Adapt the Animation
    With the keyframe tool, easily change any animations

Visualize your creation

Preview your creative on the Desktop and select devices using the Madyourself Tester app.
  • Scan QR
    Test the creative in web navigation
  • Link & share
    Share Previews to ease the collaboration and approval process.
  • Madyourself Tester
    Test your Creative In-Context
The Tester on app or desktop
Test your Creative wherever you are.
Testing tools
  • Reload animation
  • Rotate your format
  • Test with a nav bar

Export Your Creative

Download your completed project,
ready to be broadcast on most Ad Servers.
Your ad in a zip
All your material compressed and ready to use.
Multi adserver compatibility
Exported campaigns are compliant with most Ad Servers and more are added on a regular basis.

This website is only for desktop